Newborn Photography: Our Process


Newborn Photography


Newborns have a distinctive look.  The skin of a newborn baby has an almost translucent, paper like quality, and they are tiny, frail, skinny and sweet, still not having acquired the characteristic plumpness yet.  When awake, an infant’s little face is filled with expressions that will carry through into adulthood.  A sleeping newborn baby in itself, is a glorious sight, and has an especially sweet serenity.  Sleep is often when we find newborn babies curled into seemingly impossible positions, effortlessly curled like a yoga master, due to the baby’s incredible limberness and flexibility retained from the recent birth.  Gently coaxing a baby to sleep and photographing them curled up into a ball,  can give a photograph shape and form unique to this era of babyhood. This early period doesn’t last very long, and as the old saying goes: “if you blink, you will miss it.”

When should you schedule your newborn photography session?

Because of the rapid transition from being a tiny newborn, with its distinctive, freshly born look, to being still tiny, but more cherubic and Buddha like, newborn photography is ideally done within the first 3 weeks of your newborn’s life, before that transition happens.   They also tend to “wake up” after around  3 weeks.   If you do miss it, the photographs will still be beautiful, but notably less ‘newborn-like.’

Archival matting and framing is available.  

If you would like to meet with Jeremy before the shoot to discuss the artistic direction or with questions about anything at all, he would be more then happy to schedule a free consultation. Please call (+1 (215) 718-3221) or email to schedule.

For examples of Jeremy’s work: