Newborn Photography: Our Process


Newborn Photography


Jeremy Simon specializes in black and white, newborn photography, simple and elegant.  As a father of 3 lovely daughters, Jeremy understands the importance of capturing the timeless essence of your infant’s first days. Newborns have a distinctive look.  The skin of a newborn baby has an almost translucent, paper like quality, and they are tiny, frail, skinny and sweet, still not having acquired the characteristic plumpness yet.  When awake, an infant’s little face is filled with expressions that will carry through into adulthood.  A sleeping newborn baby in itself, is a glorious sight, and has an especially sweet serenity.  Sleep is often when we find newborn babies curled into seemingly impossible positions, effortlessly curled like a yoga master, due to the baby’s incredible limberness and flexibility retained from the recent birth.  Gently coaxing a baby to sleep and photographing them curled up into a ball,  can give a photograph shape and form unique to this era of babyhood. (see example) This early period doesn’t last very long, and as the old saying goes: “if you blink, you will miss it.”  As always, everything is shot on film,or with 55 Polaroids, utilizing all formats of film based analog camera systems.

When should you schedule your newborn photography session?

Because of the rapid transition from being a tiny newborn, with its distinctive, freshly born look, to being still tiny, but more cherubic and Buddha like, newborn photography is ideally done within the first 3 weeks of your newborn’s life, before that transition happens.   They also tend to “wake up” after around  3 weeks.   For more information on the eras of babyhood, and how each stage of development offers different types photographic opportunities, please contact Jeremy.  He can consult with you to help optimize the timing of your newborn, studio photography session.

What is his general style?

Jeremy’s influences in photography are mostly from the glory days of black and white photography from the first half of the 20th century, and as such his artistic style for shooting newborn photography has been influenced by many of the fine art photographers from that era.

His composition and lighting are well thought out, with light and shadows feeding the composition and form. Stylistically,  Jeremy’s newborn photography sessions are classic, simple and elegant.  Because newborns need to be held, the parent may be integrated into the composition of the shot, using a father’s hands or mother’s nude shoulder to curl up into.   This becomes also an opportunity to document the parents, or to be the after photo in conjunction with a maternity photography session (there is a 50% discount on the newborn shoot if done after the maternity shoot).

Why shoot nude?

Often, when trying to isolate the newborn, but accommodating a newborn baby’s natural need to be constantly held, the mom or dad can be used both as a platform and as a compositional element in the photograph. The genre of western fine art, from all the way back to the Hellenistic era right up to the present, has been proliferated with the subject of the nude human form.  Traditionally it has been the way for an artist to hone his craft, and to experiment with new stylistic nuances. The nude is and has been a ready form for any artist to infuse his or her style.  If the parent and baby are nude in this style of newborn photography, the skin tones of both subjects blend, providing both a serene platform for the newborn baby, and a background of shapes and form adding a sculptural element to the photograph.  (see examples here) Jeremy’s style of  newborn photography is very similar to how he shoots maternity photography, and can be displayed cohesively in a set of images as a pregnancy and newborn, or before and after set of images.  Because of this, Jeremy offers a discount to schedule both maternity and newborn photography sessions. Please contact Jeremy for more information.  

What will happen at our newborn photography session?

After discussing and viewing images and ideas, together, Jeremy and you will decide on an artistic direction for the photography shoot with your newborn. He will include you directly in the creative process of the making of the photograph and you will feel like you can inject your own creativity into the photograph.  He will then skillfully guide you and your newborn through posing that feels natural and elegant and prioritizes the comfort of your infant.

After the 1-2 hour shoot, Jeremy will process and scan all the film and Polaroids from the shoot.  In a subsequent appointment, Jeremy will show you all the photos from the shoot and you can then decide which images should be printed.  He will then go into his darkroom and hand print all your photographs. The prints are then mounted to museum board with archival photo corners for placement in a display box. Archival matting and framing is available.  

If you would like to meet with Jeremy before the shoot to discuss the artistic direction of the session (or anything at all), he would be more than happy to schedule a free consultation prior to the newborn photography studio shoot.

Please take in Jeremy’s style by browsing photos on the newborn photography portfolio. If the artistic style resonates, please call (+1 (215) 718-3221) or email to schedule a consultation or photography session in at his Chestnut hill studio in Philadelphia, or if interested in having a photography session in either Manhattan or Brooklyn please call to discuss where to do newborn photography in NYC, as there are many studio options.   Please contact him to request more information.