Maternity Portrait Photography with Jeremy Simon

Jeremy Simon specializes in maternity photography as “art”. The look and feel of the photos emanate the style from the glory days of black and white photography from the first half of the 20th century.  The portraits are classic and crisp, and are done with the intention of making the photographs look like collectible fine art nudes, with a lot of concentration on composition and lighting, as well as adding other artistic flourishes (like movement) bringing the viewer into the elegance and grace of the human form.


When should you schedule your Maternity session ?

Maternity photography should be done around the around the time when a woman is peaking in her fullness and beauty at around 32 to 35 weeks.  Some people shoot as early as 26 weeks.  It’s a personal decision and it varies from woman to woman.  

I don’t feel comfortable with being an active participant in a nude photography session, but still would like to do artistic maternity photography.  Is it possible to do maternity sessions artistically without having to be nude?

Yes! There’s a lot of ways to shoot pregnancy, which don’t involve being naked on camera. It’s important to have clothing that will show off the belly, but still reflect elegance and timelessness.

Bring as many changes of clothes as you can, and together we can figure out what the best options are for your maternity photography session.

Archival matting and framing is available.  

If you would like to meet with Jeremy before the shoot to discuss the artistic direction or with questions about anything at all, he would be more then happy to schedule a free consultation. Please call (+1 (215) 718-3221) or email to schedule.

For examples of Jeremy’s work:

maternity photography portfolio.