Maternity Portrait Photography with Jeremy Simon

Jeremy Simon specializes in black and white, maternity and portrait photography, stylized from the glory days of black and white photography from the first half of the 20th century.  His artistic style for shooting maternity photography has been influenced by many of the fine art photographers from that era.  After 20 years of shooting and working in a traditional wet darkroom, and working almost exclusively with analog cameras and film, he has the craftsmanship to work in all formats and is a master printmaker.  With a wife and 3 daughters, and as an artist and a father surrounded by feminine energy, Jeremy, has the sensitivity to capture a woman’s strength, grace and elegance.  Surrounded by feminine energy, Jeremy's approach to maternity photography is to artistically render that feminine energy in the form of light and shade. The photographs emulate fine art, and can be displayed as such because of the beauty of the printmaking, and the artistic presentation of the subject.  (to see his maternity photography portfolio click here)  The prints are mounted to museum board with archival photo corners for placement in a display box. Archival matting and framing is available.


What is his general Style?

Jeremy’s style is classic, simple and elegant, with an artistic flair which echos fine art photography from the first half of the 20th century. Composition and lighting are well thought out, with light and shadows feeding the composition and form.  The contours of the bump(belly?) are emphasized contrasting the lines and shapes made from the beautiful curves. (see example here-link to pregnancy portfolio) It’s photography that  glorifies maternity in peak season of it’s fullness and beauty,  rich and beautiful,and in black and white.  The final prints will have the quality and look of collectible fine art.


When should you schedule your Maternity session ?

Maternity photography should be done around the around the time when a woman is peaking in her fullness and beauty at around 32 to 35 weeks.  Some people shoot as early as 26 weeks.  It’s a personal decision and it varies from woman to woman. Please contact the studio to strategize the timing for your maternity session.  


Why are maternity photography sessions frequently done nude?

The genre of western fine art, from all the way back to the Hellenistic era right up to the present, has been proliferated with the subject of the nude human form.  Traditionally it has been the way for an artist to hone his craft, and to experiment with new stylistic nuances. The nude is and has been a ready form for any artist to infuse his or her style.  Maternity Photography naturally joins the genre of nude fine art because of its emphasis away from the the face, and onto the belly and body. Maternity photography sessions are frequently nude, and the characteristic style shifts as the face joins the body in importance.


I don’t feel comfortable with being an active participant in a nude photography session, but still would like to do artistic maternity photography.  Is it possible to do maternity sessions artistically without having to be nude?

Yes! There’s a lot of ways to shoot pregnancy, that don’t involve being nude. When doing maternity portraits with clothing, it becomes about style. Style meaning a choice of clothing that represents the woman wearing the clothes -- a stylistic representation of who you are.  These beautiful clothes choices should also reflecting an elegance of timelessness.

Bring as many changes of clothes as you can, and together you and Jeremy can go through and figure out what the best options are for your maternity photography session. Everything you bring should emphasize rather then hide the maternal belly.  


What can I expect to happen at my maternity photography session?

Whether this is your first of fiftieth shoot, Jeremy, with his disarming nature and his clearly directed artistic vision, will make you you feel comfortable, strong and confident.  fter discussing and viewing images and ideas, together, Jeremy and you will decide on an artistic direction.  He will include you directly in the creative process of the making of the photograph and you will feel like you can inject your own creativity into the photograph.  He will then skillfully guide you through all the posing so that the posing will feel natural and elegant.  Most importantly, Jeremy will make you feel like yourself, so that you, and the genuine spirit of who you are will shine through in the final photograph.  

Within days after the 1-2 hour shoot, Jeremy will process and scan all the film and Polaroids from the shoot.  In a subsequent appointment, Jeremy will show you all the photos from the shoot and you can then decide which images should be printed.  He will then go into his darkroom and hand print all your photographs. The prints are then mounted to museum board with archival photo corners for placement in a display box. Archival matting and framing is available.  

If you would like to meet with Jeremy before the shoot to discuss the artistic direction of the shoot (or anything at all), he would be more then happy to schedule a free consultation prior to the shoot.

Please take in Jeremy’s style by browsing photos on the maternity photography portfolio. If the artistic style resonates, please call (+1 (215) 718-3221) or email to schedule a consultation in at his Chestnut hill studio in Philadelphia, or if interested in having a photography session in either Manhattan or Brooklyn please call to discuss where to do maternity photography in NYC, as there are many studio options.   Please contact him to request more information.