Jeremy specializes in fine art, black and white, family photography.

The real art of family portrait photography is in the capturing of the nuances in people’s facial expressions.  This isn’t to say that form, body language and lighting aren’t important, but in a family photograph, all lines converge into the faces.  Therein lies the problem because for most people, there is something intimidating about staring down the barrel of a camera that beckons a less than desirable facial reflex. It’s then the task of the family portrait photographer to bring everyone into a natural and relaxed state, where they almost forget for a split second that they are being photographed, evoking a disposition of natural beauty and proud elegance.  When the final print is framed and up on the wall, it should feel like the people depicted are physically in the room, as they would be if they were really there, lovingly staring down from behind the glass.  Jeremy has a disarming quality to his personality,  gradually eroding everyone’s fears and ill premonitions.  He interacts with everyone on their own level (including the kids and dogs), bringing everyone into a natural state of calm.

What is Jeremy’s General Style?

Jeremy’s influences in photography are mostly from the glory days of black and white photography from the first half of the 20th century.  His artistic style for shooting photography has been influenced by many of the fine art photographers from that era.  Stylistically, his family portrait photography sessions are classic, simple and elegant, but with an artistic flair that echo the fine art photographers from the golden era of photography. Composition and lighting are well thought out, with light and shadows feeding the composition and form.

After the family portrait photography session, he scans the negatives, and reviews them with you.  The final prints are made from his own darkroom by hand, and will have the quality and look of collectible fine art. After 20 years of shooting and working in a traditional wet darkroom, and working almost exclusively with analog cameras and film, he has the craftsmanship to work in all formats and is a master printmaker.