About Jeremy Simon

Jeremy Simon specializes in black and white, family portrait photography, maternity photography, newborn photography and dog photography. Jeremy Simon has a family portrait studio based in historic Philadelphia and has actively had a photography studio since 2000.   

After years of passionately pursuing fine art photography, both on his own and in school, he finally opened up a photo studio in downtown Denver Colorado, in 2000 on 17th Avenue. As a father of 3 daughters, and after photographing his own children, he quickly turned to photographing other families. After 11 years of having his studio, in 2011, out of a life long desire to move to Europe, he moved his family and studio to London, UK. After 3 years, and an unsuccessful attempt to renew his visa, he moved back to the United States. He now lives in historic Philadelphia where he has his studio, with easy access to the New York Metropolitan area.

The look and feel of his photographs echo the style from the glory days of black and white photography in the first half of the 20th century. The portraits are classic and crisp, and are done with the intention of making the photographs that look like collectible fine art.


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